European Golden Visa programs offer EU residency or citizenship in exchange for an investment that can boost the economy of the target country. The safest form of investment is real estate, as this way you come in possession of a physical object that can be resold at any time.


Each Golden Visa program offers a different investment portfolio for obtaining local residency or citizenship. These may contain real estate investment, investment in local business, the purchase of government bonds, a bank deposit, or a donation.

Below you can find a list of those programs which offer not only the safest type of investment (real estate) but also the best value for your money. Click the header to go to the full description of each program.


Investment: EUR 200,000

Additional fees: ca. EUR 20,000

In the Hungarian Real Estate Residency Program, you purchase real estate in Hungary, which can be rent for the short or long term, to locals or to tourists. You will need to set up a company for property management, and you will be required to travel to Hungary at least once, to open the company bank account. Operating a business will make you eligible for Hungarian residency, which, once received, can be expanded to your immediate family members (spouse and underage children).

The procedure takes only a few months, and with your Hungarian residence permit, you will be able to travel visa-free within the Schengen zone, and work and live in any EU countries. You can apply for permanent residency in 5 years, which can be converted in citizenship in another 3 years.


Investment: EUR 250,000

Additional fees: from EUR 20,000 (depending on number of applicants)

If you are looking for Greek residency, you just have to purchase property that is worth EUR 250,000. If the purchase has not yet been made, an engagement agreement might be enough for the application. You can apply together with your family, meaning spouse and children under 21.

The application process takes only 4-6 weeks, and you get a resident permit that is valid for 5 years. You will have to maintain the investment for at least 15 years.


Investment: EUR 500,000

Additional fees: EUR 60,000

In the Spanish residency program, you need to buy property that is worth at least EUR 500,000. You can later rent it for income, or live in it yourself (with your family, if you decide to bring them to Europe through the family unification procedure). You will have to travel to Spain at least once to open a local bank account a sign a purchase contract.

The sales process takes 2-3 months, and you can apply for residency only when it is closed. This application process is fairly short, as it takes only 10-15 days. You can apply for permanent residency in 5 years, and for citizenship after 10 years.


Investment: from EUR 330,000

Additional fees: from EUR 550

n Cyprus, you have to purchase new property for at least EUR 300,000 on Cyprus, and submit a confirmation that you have already transferred at least EUR 200,000 of the purchase price. You also have to make a bank deposit of EUR 30,000. You can apply together with your spouse, dependent children under 25, and dependent parents. All applicants will have to travel to Cyprus at least once in order to capture their biometric data.

Applicants typically get residency within 2 months, and they can maintain it as long as the investment itself is maintained. There is also an option for getting citizenship by investment, but then you have to make a real estate investment worth at least EUR 2,000,000, while the application fee starts from EUR 7,000.